Adolescent Young, The Pauline Phelps 1 1m.12f.
All Along the Line Nigel Stannard 1 4m.2f.
Anastasia File Royce Ryton 5 2m.2f.
Anyone for Tennis? Gwyn Clark 1 2m.2f.
Apple Pie M. Kressman 1 4f.
And Nellie Came Too! Peggy Simmons 1 3m.4f.
At The Changing of the Year Malcolm Young 1 3m.3f.
Bathroom Door, The Gertrude Jennings 1 3m.3f.
Before the Flood A.A. Milne 1 5m.5f.
Between the Soup & The Savoury Gertrude Jennings 1 3f.
Birds of Prey M. Constanduros 1 3m.2f.

& Howard Agg

Bit o' Laikin, A Dorothy A. Rowland 1 2m.3f.
Black Dogs, The Machon Ibbotson 1 2m.3f.
Bride, The Gertrude Jennings 2 6f.
Café Society Ayshe Raif 7 3f.
Cagebirds, The David Campton 1 8 birds
Careful Rapture Jack Popplewell 4 1m.5f.
Cavalry of Woe Michael Messenger 1 6f.
Climber, The Enid Coles 1 5f.
Come Live With Me Cherry Vooght 1 8f.
Commercial Break Carolyn Drury 1 4m.6f.
Confusions - 5 Plays Alan Ayckbourn 2 Varies
Costa del Packet! Anthony Booth 1 5f.
Date Blind Anthony Wright 1 3m.2f.
Dead Liberty, A Alan Gosling 1 3m.1f.
Death of a Dummy John Reason 1 2m.2f.
Decline and Fall Sam Bate 1 3m.5f.
Devil's Limelight, The Ella Adkins 1 4m.4f.
Edward Margaret Wood 1 7f.
Enclosed Premises Philip Johnson 1 2m.3f.
Evergreens, The David Campton 1 1m.1f.
Ever Ready Plays L. du Garde Peach 1 Varies
Face in Four Pieces Marjorie Hawkes 1 6f.
Face the Music Barry L. Hillman 1 6f.
Faithful Widow Of Ephesus, The Thomas Cruden 1 3m.4f.
Family Affair, A Pamela Sykes 1 3m.3f.
Fishy Business, A Margaret Wood 2 4m.4f.
Fool's Errand Margaret Wood 1 4m.3f.
Four Plays For Coarse Actors Michael Green 1 Varies
Funeral Tea Pat Wilson 1 5f.
Galway Girl, A Geraldine Aron 5 1m.1f.
Geranium Arnold Ridley 1 2m.5f.
God Proposes…. Michael Messenger 1 6f.
Grand Cham's Diamond, The
7 3m.2f.
Guilty Generation, The Margaret Wood 1 4m.4f.
Hair Do Dennis Driscoll 11 7f.
Hands Across the Sea Noel Coward 1 5m.4f.
Happy Journey, The Thornton Wilder 2 3m.3f.
Harum, The Edward Percy & 1 2m.5f.

Reginald Denham

Heaven On Earth Philip Johnson 1 2m.3f.
Hello and Goodbye Derek Hoddinott 1 1m.2f.
Humphrey Pumphrey Had a Great Alfred Greenaway 1 3m.2f.

In Room Five Hundred and Four Jimmie Chinn 1 2m.2f.
Just Another Day Arthur Lovegrove 1 1m.4f.
Keep Calm! Louis Goodrich 1 3m.3f.
Kind of Alaska, A Harold Pinter 1 1m.2f.
Last Scene of All Margaret Wood 1 2m.5f.
Last Laugh, The Brian J. Burton 1 2m.2f.
Last Tango in Little Grimley David Tristram 8 2m.2f.
& Joining The Club

Last Time I Saw Paris, The Philip Stagg 5 3m.3f.
Leaving Don Woods 1 3f.
Little Evenings, The Diana Morgan 1 4f.
Long Noon, The Patricia Chown 1 2m.5f.
Love All (formerly Mixed Doubles) Philip Stagg 1 3m.2f.
Madam, The Gwen Cherrell 3 1m.5f.
Madame De ….. Jean Anouilh 1 6m.2f.
Mantrap Paul Reakes 3 3m.2f.
Master Dudley Philip Johnson 1 1m.4f.
Meet Mrs. Beeton L. Du Garde Peach 1 2m.3f.
More Ever Ready Plays L. Du Garde Peach 1 Varies
Mulligan's Sheebeen E.D. Zonik 1 3m.4f.
Murder Play Brian J. Burton 1 2m.2f.
Nasty Things, Murders Arthur Lovegrove 2 5f.
Neighbours & Other Plays James Saunders 1 Varies
Night Was Even Now, The Michael Messenger 1 Varies
(Four Plays)

Night With Mrs. Da Tanka, A William Trevor 1 2m.1f.
None The Wiser Anthony Booth 2 7f.
No Picnic G. MacEwan Green 1 3m.3f.
November Echo Pamela Sykes 5 6f.
Old Lady Shows Her Medals, The J.M. Barrie 2 2m.4f.
One Season's King G.MacEwan Green 4 3m.1f.
Open Your Eyes M. Constanduros 1 2m.4f.

& H. Agg

Orange Blossom Philip Johnson 1 2m.5f.
Other Children, The (for children) Margaret Harding 1 Many
Partly Furnished Barry L. Hillman 1 3f.
Peaceful Days, The Marjorie Green 1 7f.
Picnic On The Hill, The N. Warner Hooke 1 2m.5f.
Pieces Of Hate Richard Franks 1 3m.3f.
Pity About Kitty Jimmie Chinn 1 1m.3f.
Play Ten - 10 short plays Various 1 Varies
Playgoers Arthur Pinero 1 2m.6f.
Rats Phoebe M. Rees 1 3m.2f.
Reading Group, The Fay Weldon 1 2m.5f.
Red Spy At Night Robert King 1 3m.2f.
Respectable Funeral, A Jimmie Chinn 2 1m.3f.
Right Place, The David Campton 1 4m.3f.

& Others
Ritual For Dolls G. MacEwan Green 1 3m.1f.
Rock-a-Bye June Pierson 1 4f.
Romance John Reason 1 3f.
Rosemary For Remembrance Joyce F. Martins 1 9+f.
Sauce For The Gander Patricia Gordon 1 5f.
Search Party Mark Bevan 1 5m.4f.
See You Rome, Sometime Anthony Booth 1 2m.2f.
Sense Of The Ridiculous, A Rae Terence 7 2m.2f.
Sentimental Ladies M. Constanduros 1 5f.

& Howard Agg

Sequence Of Events G. MacEwan Green 4 3m.2f.
Set-Up Brian Austin 1 2m.2f.
Shadows Josephine Carter 1 3m.4f.
Shame The Devil Alison McMaster 1 3m.3f.
Ship Comes In, The F. Austin Hyde 3 2m.3f.
Shop For Charity Charles Mander 10 1m.4f.
Sir Herbert Is Deeply Touched H.C.G. Stevens 1 3m.
Slight Ache, A Harold Pinter 1 2m.1f.
Spring Song Singers Richard Tydeman 1 10++
Still Life Noel Coward 1 6m.5f.
Stop The Nightmare G. MacEwan Green 1 2m.2f.
Storm Music Mary Neild 1 1m.4f.
Tell Mother - The Butterflies! Phoebe M. Rees 1 5f.
Terrace Talk G. MacEwan Green 1 6f.
There's No Problem Gwenyth Jones 1 2m.5f.
"This Desirable Cottage…" Anthony Booth 5 4m.3f.
Three Hisses For Villainy Brian J. Burton 1 Varies
Three Melodramas R.Dennis & A.Sachs 6 Varies
Tick, Tock, Tick Richard Franks 1 2m.4f.
Time For Bed Philip Johnson 1 5f.
Tony John Tully 2 1m.3f.
Trifles Susan Glaspell 1 3m.2f.
Tryst Colin Crowther 1 1m.2f.
Twelve-Pound Look, The J.M. Barrie 4 2m.2f.
Urban Cycles Michael Snelgrove 1 7m.4f.
Vespers Valerie Wingate 1 1m.9f.
Villa For Sale Sacha Guitry 2 1m.4f.
Wife Required Falkland L. Cary 1 1m.5f.

& Philip King

William's Other Anne Ivor Brown 1 3m.4f.
24 One-Act Plays - Everyman Various 1 Varies


Billy Tyson's Coortin & Others A.B. Taylor 1 Stories
Broadcast Sketches L. du Garde Peach 1 Varies
For a Woman or Two - sketches T.B. Morris 1 Varies
Living For Pleasure - sketches Arthur Macrae 2 Varies
Our At 'Ome Day Ida M. Turner 2 3f.
Short And Sweet - sketches Mabel & Denis 8 Varies


Amateur Stage Nov.'83-Jan.'92

Gambit Nos. 1 - 8


Abigail's Party Mike Leigh 5 2m.3f.
After The Ball Is Over William Douglas Home 1 7m.5f.
Air For Murder, An Falkland L. Cary 4 4m.5f.

& Philip King

Allo 'Allo Jeremy Lloyd & 4 11m.7f.

David Croft

Arsenic And Old Lace Joseph Kesselring 1 11m.3f.
Aspern Papers, The ad. Michael Redgrave 1 2m.4f.
Autumn Manoeuvres Peter Coke 1 2m.8f.
Barnet's Folly Jan Stewer 1 5m.5f.
Bedside Manners Derek Benfield 4 3m.2f.
Bequest To The Nation Terence Rattigan 1 11m/10f
Beyond A Joke Derek Benfield 3 4m.4f.
Billy Liar Keith Waterhouse & 1 3m.5f.

Willis Hall

Bird In The Hand, A Derek Benfield 1 4m.6f.
Black Chiffon Lesley Storm 1 3m.4f.
Blithe Spirit Noel Coward 2 2m.5f.
Blue Goose, The Peter Blackmore 1 5m.5f.
Book Of The Month Basil Thomas 1 4m.4f.
Bride And The Bachelor, The Ronald Millar 1 3m.5f.
Brush With A Body Maurice McLoughlin 1 5m.6f.
Can't Pay? Won't Pay! Dario Fo 1 3m.2f.
Chalk Garden, The Enid Bagnold 1 2m.7f.
Charley's Aunt Brandon Thomas 1 7m.5f.
Come Into The Garden Maud Noel Coward 1 2m.2f.
Constant Wife, The W.Somerset Maugham 1 4m.5f.
Continental Quilt, The Joan Greening 1 4m.6f.
Count Your Blessings Ronald Jeans 1 3m.6f.
Crippen Richard Crane 1 3m.2f.
Crisis In Heaven Eric Linklater 1 10m.7f.
Crown Matrimonial Royce Ryton 1 4m.6f.
Cure For Love, The Walter Greenwood 1 5m.6f.
Daisy Pulls It Off Denise Deegan 1 3m.15f.
Dancing At Lughnasa Brian Friel 1 3m.5f.
Day's Mischief, The Lesley Storm 1 2m.8f.
Dead On Nine Jack Popplewell 1 4m.3f.
Dead Secret, A Rodney Ackland 1 12m.7f.
Dear Octopus Dodie Smith 1 5m.12f.
Deep Blue Sea, The Terence Rattigan 2 5m.3f
Diary Of Anne Frank, The Hackett, Goodrich 5 5m.5f.

& Frank

Disappearance of Katie, The Don Cherrett & 1 7m.5f.

Evan Thomas

Doctor Brent's Household Edward Percy 1 3m.5f.
Doctor In The House Ted Willis 2 5m.4f.
Don't Misunderstand Me Patrick Cargill 1 2m.3f.
Dreams From A Summer House Alan Ayckbourn 1 4m.4f.
Elementary, My Dear Philip King & 1 2m.4f.

John Boland

Emma Gordon Glennon 1 6m.6f.
End Of The Pier Show, The Roger Parsley 1 4m.4f.++
Enter A Free Man Tom Stoppard 4 5m.3f.
Family Affairs Gertrude Jennings 1 4m.8f.
Find The Lady Michael Pertwee 1 3m.6f.
Fish Out Of Water Derek Benfield 1 4m.5f.
Fools Paradise Peter Coke 1 2m.6f.
Fools Rush In Kenneth Horne 2 3m.5f.
Ghost Train, The Arnold Ridley 6 8m.4f.
Gondoliers, The W.S.Gilbert & 1 Many

Arthur Sullivan

Good Companions, The J.B. Priestley 1 26m.11f.
Good Night Mrs. Puffin Arthur Lovegrove 1 5m.5f.
Good-Night Vienna Eric Mascwitz & 1 Many

George Posford

Guinea-Pig, The W. Chetham-Strode 1 8m.3f.
Halfway Up The Tree Peter Ustinov 1 5m.4f.
Happiest Days Of Your Life, The John Dighton 1 7m.6f.
Happy Days Wilfred Massey 1 4m.7f.
Happy Families John Godber 1 3m.5f.
Hay Fever Noel Coward 1 4m.5f.
Holiday Snap Michael Pertwee & 11 4m.4f.

John Chapman

Home For Stray Cats, A John Kirkpatrick 1 4m.7f.
House Guest Francis Durbridge 1 5m.4f.
I'll Be Back Before Midnight! Peter Colley 1 2m.2f.
I'll Leave It To You Noel Coward 1 4m.6f.
Indian Ink Tom Stoppard 1 14m.4f.
Inspector Calls, An J.B. Priestley 10 4m.3f.
Irregular Verb To Love, The Hugh and 1 4m.5f.

Margaret Williams

Job For The Boy Dennis Driscoll 1 4m.3f.
Joseph Andrews P.M. Clepper 1 9m.10f.
Key For Two John Chapman & 2 3m.4f.

Dave Freeman

Kindly Leave The Stage John Chapman 1 3m.5f.
Ladies In Retirement Edward Percy & 8 1m.6f.

Reginald Denham

Lady Mislaid, A Kenneth Horne 3 3m.4f.
Late Mr. Larrington, The Mary Wheeler 1 8m.5f.
Last Tango In Whitby Mike Harding 1 4m.8f.
Letter From The General, A Maurice McLoughlin 1 3m.6f.
Lettice And Lovage Peter Shaffer 1 4m.9f.
Living Together Alan Ayckbourn 2 3m.3f.
Lloyd George Knew My Father William Douglas Home 4 5m.3f.
Lord Arthur Savile's Crime Constance Cox 2 5m.5f.
Lord Richard In The Pantry Sydney Blow & 1 5m.7f.

Douglas Hoare

Love Match, The Glenn Melvyn 2 5m.4f.
Man Alive John Dighton 1 7m.7f.
Mousetrap, The Agatha Christie 1 5m.3f.
"Move Over Mrs. Markham" Ray Cooney & 5 4m.5f.

John Chapman

Murder At The Vicarage Agatha Christie 1 7m.6f.
Murder Has Been Arranged, A Emlyn Williams 1 4m.5f.
Murder On The Nile Agatha Christie 1 8m.5f.
Murder Out Of Tune Falkland L. Cary 1 4m.5f.
My Mother Said I Never Should Charlotte Keatley 1 4f.
Mystery At Blackwater Dan Sutherland 1 4m.7f.
Mystery At Greenfingers J.B. Priestley 1 4m.6f.
Night In Venice Johann Strauss 1 Many
Noah Andre Obey 1 10m.7f.
Noel Coward In Two Keys Noel Coward 7 2m.2f.
Noises Off Michael Frayn 2 6m.4f.
Nothing But The Truth James Montgomery 2 5m.6f.
Not Now Darling Ray Cooney & 11 5m.6f.

John Chapman

Odd Couple, The (female version) Neil Simon 11 2m.6f.
One O'Clock From The House Frank Vickery 1 6m.8f.
One Way Pendulum N. F. Simpson 1 10m.4f.
Our Day Out Willy Russell 1 Many
Party Piece Richard Harris 1 3m.4f.
Plunder Ben Travers 1 13m.7f.
Post Horn Gallop Derek Benfield 1 6m.5f.
Proof Of The Poison, The Falkland L. Cary 1 4m.5f.

& Philip Weathers

Quiet Wedding Esther McCracken 1 5m.10f.
Rape Of The Belt, The Benn W. Levy 1 3m.6f.
Rebecca Daphne Du Maurier 1 10m.6f.
Relatively Speaking Alan Ayckbourn 2 2m.2f.
Return Ticket William Corlett 1 2m.4f.
Ring Of Truth, The Wynyard Browne 1 8m.6f.
Ring Round The Moon Jean Anouilh 5 8m.7f.
Rookery Nook Ben Travers 1 5m.6f.
Roundabout, The J.B. Priestley 1 6m.5f.
Round And Round The Garden Alan Ayckbourn 1 3m.3f.
Rumours Neil Simon 1 5m.5f.
Salad Days Dorothy Reynolds & 5 7m.5f.++

Julian Slade

Sand Castles Bob Larbey 5 5m.10f.
See How They Run Philip King
Separate Tables Terence Rattigan 3 3m.9f.
Seven Year Itch, The George Axelrod 1 5m.6f.
Shadow In The Sun Maurice McLoughlin 1 3m.10f.
Shakers Restirred John Godber & 1 4f.

Jane Thornton

Small Hotel Rex Frost 1 5m.6f.
Spring And Port Wine Bill Naughton 2 4m.4f.
Stepping Out Richard Harris 1 1m.9f.
Surprise Package Duncan Greenwood & 1 4m.7f.

Derek Parkes

Toad Of Toad Hall A.A. Milne 1 15m.7f.
Tons Of Money Will Evans & Valentine 1 6m.4f.

ad. Alan Ayckbourn

Theban Plays, The Sophocles 1 Varies
There Goes The Bride Ray Cooney & 1 4m.4f.

John Chapman

They Came To A City J.B. Priestley 1 4m.5f.
Touch And Go Derek Benfield 8 2m.3f.
Two Into One Ray Cooney 1 7m.7f.
Wanted - One Body Raymond Dyer 1 5m.4f.
Waters Of The Moon N.C. Hunter 5 4m.6f.
Weir, The Conor McPherson 1 4m.1f.
When The Cat's Away Johnnie Mortimer & 1 2m.4f.

Brian Cooke

When We Are Married J.B. Priestley 3 8m.7f.
Wild Goose Chase Derek Benfield 1 4m.6f.
Young Wives' Tale Ronald Jeans 1 3m.6f.
Your Obedient Servant Diana Morgan 1 2m.4f.
Zodiac David Campton 1 ???f.
84 Charing Cross Road Helene Hanff 1 4m.5f.


Amateur Acting From A-Z John Bourne

Amateur Actor, The Frances Mckenzie

Amateur Drama On A Small Heather Conway


Dressing The Play Norah Lambourne

The Frontiers of Farce - Peter Barnes

Adaptations of Feydeau

My dear Dorothea G. Bernard Shaw

Music for "Three Melodramas"

Plays John Galsworthy

Produce Your Play Louis Lentin

Scene Painting Robert Forman

Scenery Isn't So Difficult John Woods

Staging The Play Norah Lambourne

Textbook Of Stagecraft, A Susan Richmond

April, 2003

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