Grange Drama Coming Soon
Girl Fishing
by Martin A Chambers
Directed by Jim Robson

To be recorded
at Victoria Hall, Grange over Sands
on Sat 7th February 2019
Mics on: 7.30pm

Emma A girl in her early twenties.
George An elderly Artist.
Helen Emma's friend.
Attendant At the Abbott Hall Art Gallery
Whilst fishing, Emma finds she is being watched by artist, George. Later she relates this encounter to her friend, Helen. The final scene finds her in the Abbott Hall Gallery where a surprise awaits her.
The Skunk Block
by Miles Blanch
Directed by Deborah Powell

To be recorded
at Victoria Hall, Grange over Sands
on Sat 7th February 2019
Mics on: 7.30pm
Harold An ageing Kendal Council employee
Doris Friend of Harold. A retiree.
John Another friend.
Local Radio Announcer
Hoody } same person?
Doris and John call at Harold's council office to see if he will join them on a walk. However, a radio news item takes their minds of the walk and onto something more exiting. The next scene finds the three friends growing cannabis in a disused public toilet where they meet their first customer. Things take a turn for the worse when a member of the local drugs scene shows up. A fight ensues where the friends, surprisingly, come out on top. The Police show up and catch the hoody who gets the blame for the drug operation.
Hay Fever
by Noël Coward

at Victoria Hall, Grange over Sands
on Thu 13th, Fri 14th and Sat 15th June 2019
Curtain Up: 7.30pm

Admission £8 adult, £4 child under 16

Judith Bliss
David Bliss, her husband
Sorel Bliss, her daughter
Simon Bliss, her son
Richard Greatham, Sorel's guest
Myra Arundel, Simons guest
Sandy Tyrell, Judith's guest
Jackie Coryton, David's guest
Clara, the housekeeper. Judith's former Dresser.
The play is set in an English country house in the 1920s, and deals with the four eccentric members of the Bliss family and their outlandish behaviour when they each invite a guest to spend the weekend. The self-centred behaviour of the hosts finally drives their guests to flee while the Blisses are so engaged in a family row that they do not notice their guests' furtive departure.

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