Grange Drama Coming Soon
Hiss the Villain
by Richard Dennis and Andrew Sachs
Volume Edited by Michael Kilgarriff
Directors TBC.

at Victoria Hall, Grange over Sands
onThu 31st October, Fri 1st and Sat 2nd November 2019
Curtain Up: 7.30pm

Admission £8 adult, £4 child under 16

Murder in the Red Barn
Maria Marten
Squire William Corder
The Stage Manager

The Drunkard's Dilemma
The Landlord
A Man

The Wages of Sin
Lord Peregrine Fortune Mint
Mr Brown
Lady Priscilla Fortune Mint
Mrs Brown
The Chairman
Murder in the Red Barn
The dastardly Squire William Corder persuades Maria Marten to meet him in the red Barn where he intends to murder her.

The Drunkard's Dilemma
With the rent to pay, Georgina's Uncle takes Ten Pence from her to buy Gin, leaving her to the not-so-tender mercies of the Landlord.

The Wages of Sin
Lady Priscilla Fortune Mint leaves her husband Sir Peregrine to help the backward natives across the channel. Moments later her twin sister arrives. But all is not as it seems.

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