Productions by the Society at various locations but mainly at the Victoria Hall or Cumbria Grand Hotel
2022 Still Life Noël Coward Carol Williamson
Confusions Alan Ayckbourn Grace Heap
2021 84 Charing Cross Road Helen Hanff Carol Williamson
2019 Hiss The Villain Andrew Sachs and Richard Dennis Grace Heap and Steve Rowlinson
Hay Fever Noël Coward Emma Rucastle
2018 California Suite Neil Simon Carol Williamson
Two Jim Cartwright Emma Rucastle and Jayne Davies
2017 Double Bill of Comedy - The Allergic Audience Joan Greening Deborah Powell, Benita Finch
Double Bill of Comedy - Green Forms Alan Bennett Deborah Powell
Taking Steps Alan Ayckbourn Deborah Powell
2016 Ladies' Day Amanda Whittington Benita Finch
2015 Humble Boy Charlotte Jones Kath Bolton
2014 Educating Rita Willy Russell Benita Finch
'The Bear' and 'The Proposal' Anton Chekhov Don Scott
2013 Life of Riley Alan Ayckbourn Kath Bolton
The Titfield Thunderbolt Philip Goulding (from Screenplay by TEB Clarke) Jim Robson
The Uncommon Reader (Rehearsed Reading) Alan Bennett Margaret McDonagh
Suddenly at Home Francis Durbridge Geoff Entwistle
2012 When We are Married J.B. Priestley Sandra Williams
Relatively Speaking Alan Ayckbourn Kath Bolton
2011 Memory of Water Shelagh Stephenson David Edwards
The Noble Spaniard W. Somerset Maugham (adapted from the French by Grenet Dancourt) Sandra Williams (assisted by Jim Robson)
2010 Run For Your Wife Ray Cooney Benita Finch
Season's Greetings Alan Ayckbourn Kath Bolton
2009 Blue Remembered Hills Dennis Potter David Edwards
The Journal of Beatrix Potter (Rehearsed Reading) Beatrix Potter Margaret McDonagh
Five Kinds of Silence Shelagh Stephenson David Edwards
Lord Arthur Savile's Crime Constance Cox, from a short story by Oscar Wilde Tony Kent
2008 Tons of Money Will Evans and Valentine (Adapted Alan Ayckbourn) Kath Bolton
The Odd Couple Neil Simon Mike Hill
2007 ART Yasmina Reza Kath Bolton
Alarms & Excursions Michael Frayn Tony Kent
2006 The Heiress Ruth & Augustus Goetz David Edwards
The Patient (Reh. Reading) Agatha Christie Mike Hill
An Ideal Husband Oscar Wilde Kath Bolton & Philip Watts Charnley
Troupers All Roger Willoughby Tony Kent
2005 Twelfth Night William Shakespeare Kath Bolton
Terrace Talk George Macewan Green Margaret McDonagh
Talk in the Park Alan Ayckbourn Kath Bolton
Her Big Chance Alan Bennett Benita Finch
A Chip in the Sugar Alan Bennett Jim Robson
2004 A Show to Die For Fiona Robertson, Janet Kilgallon-Brook and Paul Phillips Jenny Wheeler
The Uninvited Dorothy Macardles Ghost Story dramatised by Tim Kelly Benita Finch
Teechers John Godber Benita Finch
Time of My life Alan Ayckbourn Kath Bolton
2003 Last of the Red Hot Lovers Neil Simon Jarrod Collings
Angels in Love Hugh Mills Kath Bolton
2002 Seeds of Doubt Peter Gordon Benita Finch
The Importance of Being Earnest Oscar Wilde Mike Hill
Mother Figure (1 Act) Alan Ayckbourn Kath Bolton
From Here to the Library (1 Act) Jimmie Chinn Joyce Caley
Drinking Companion (1 Act) Alan Ayckbourn Kath Bolton
2001 Bedroom Farce Alan Ayckbourn Mike Hill
The Ghost Train Arnold Ridley Kath Bolton
2000 BT Biennial - Sand Castles Bob Larbey John McDonagh
The Vigil Ladislav Fodor Kath Bolton
Round and Round the Garden Alan Ayckbourn Kath Bolton
1999 See How They Run Philip King John Jeffers & Kath Bolton
Living Together Alan Ayckbourn Kath Bolton
1998 A Penny for a Song John Whiting Bill Shaw
1997 Table Manners Alan Ayckbourn Kath Bolton
Hiss the Villain, an evening of Music and Melodrama Richard Dennis, Andrew Sachs & Andrew Sachs Kath Bolton
The Dear Departed (1 Act) Stanley Houghton Unknown
1996 Lloyd George Knew My Father William Douglas-Home John Jeffers
Dinner with the Family Jean Anouilh Kath Bolton
1995 When We Are Married J.B. Priestley John Jeffers
One Phoenix Too Many (1 Act) John Jeffers John Jeffers
Five Green Bottles (1 Act) Ray Jenkins Joyce Caley
1994 The Railway Children Edith Nesbit (adapted by Dave Simpson) Margaret McDonagh
One Phoenix Too Few (1 Act) John Jeffers (Adapted from A Phoenix too frequent by Christopher Fry) Unknown
1993 The Odd Couple Neil Simon John Jeffers
Interior Designs (1 Act) Jimmy Chinn Joyce Caley
Love the Magician (1 Act) Devised by John Jeffers Unknown
1992 Crown Matrimonial Royce Ryton Margaret McDonagh
Look Who's Talking Derek Benfield John Jeffers
Between Mouthfuls (1 Act) Alan Ayckbourn John Jeffers
Last Tango in Grange (1 Act) David Tristram Unknown
1991 Ladies in Retirement Edward Percy & Reginald Denham Fred Mather
From Here to the Library (1 Act) Jimmy Chinn Joyce Caley
Beyond a Joke Derek Benfield Unknown
1990 Blithe Spirit Noël Coward Stuart Baber
A Sense of the Ridiculous Rae Terrence Unknown
A Respectable Funeral Jimmie Chinn Unknown
1989 Pack of Lies Hugh Whitemore Fred Mather
Not Now Darling Cooney & Chapman Nora Starzynska
The Last Time I Saw Paris (1 Act) Philip Stagg Nora Starzynska
The Birthday Party (1 Act) Hjalmar Bergstrom adapted for stage by Edwin Bjorkman Nora Starzynska
1988 Lord Arthur Saville's Crime Constance Cox Bryan Butterwick
Touch and Go Derek Benfield Nora Starzynska
Ring Round the Moon Jean Anouilh Stuart Baber
1987 Letter From The General Maurice McLoughlin Sturgess Mills
Key For Two John Chapman and Dave Freeman Nora Starzynska
Enter a Free Man Tom Stoppard John McDonagh
Galway Girl (1 Act) Geraldine Aron Nora Starzynska
Cafe Society (1 Act) Ayshe Raif Nora Starzynska
Midsummer Night's Dream - Mechanics only (1 Act) William Shakespeare Unknown
1986 Waters of the Moon N.C. Hunter Nora Starzynska
Angels in Love Hugh Mills John McDonagh
Mantrap (1 Act) Paul Reakes Nora Starzynska
Breaking Strain (1 Act) Maureen Nield Nora Starzynska
Abigail's Party Mike Leigh Stuart Baber & Joyce Caley
1985 Move Over Mrs Markham Ray Cooney & John Chapman John McDonagh
November Echo (1 Act) Pamela Sykes John McDonagh
One Season's King George McEwan Green Nora Starzynska
1984 The Holly and the Ivy Wynard Browne Nora Starzynska
Plaza Suite Neil Simon Jacquie Hadwin
Sequence of Events (1 Act) George McEwan Green Nora Starzynska
Edward (1 Act) Margaret Wood Jackie Hadwin
Deep Blue Sea Terrence Rattigan Nora Starzynska
1983 Dolphins Rampant Charlotte Hastings Jacquie Hadwin
Ritual for Dolls (1 Act) George McEwan Green Nora Starzynska
Ripe for Conversion (1 Act) Jean McConnell Nora Starzynska
Three one-acts, Ritual for Dolls George McEwan Green Nora Starzynska
Three one-acts, Ripe for Conversion Jean McConnell Nora Starzynska
Three one-acts, Hair Do Denis Driscoll Nora Starzynska
1982 This Desirable Cottage (1 Act) A. Booth Nora Starzynska
Master Dudley (1 Act) P. Johnson Nora Starzynska
1981 Careful Rapture (1 Act) Jack Popplewell Nora Starzynska
The Madam (1 Act) Gwen Cherrill Nora Starzynska
1980 The space between the years John Scholes Unknown
At the Changing of the Year (1 Act) M. Young George Webster
Separate Tables Terence Rattigan Nora Starzynska
1979 Lady Mislaid Kenneth Horne Unknown
1978 The Walrus and the Carpenter (1 Act) R.J. Boswell George Webster
Priscilla Parkin (1 Act) Wilson Barnes George Webster
1977 Fool's Errand (1 Act) Margaret Wood George Webster
1976 Wild Goose Chase Derek Benfield George Webster
Ye Gods (1 Act) Wilson Barnesh George Webster
Puzzled Portias (1 Act) Conrad Carter George Webster
1975 Triple Bill, A Fishy Business (1 Act) Margaret Wood George Webster/Dorothy Hadwin
Triple Bill, Tony (1Act) John Tully George Webster
Triple Bill, Suspicion (1Act) Victor Lucas George Webster
Nasty Things Murders (1 Act) A. Lovegrove George Webster/Dorothy Hadwin
A Fishy Business (1 Act) Margaret Wood George Webster/Dorothy Hadwin
1974 Red Spy at Night (1 Act) Robert King George Webster
Strawberry Jam (1 Act) Bruce Fisk George Webster
The Spirit and the Truth Frank New Unknown
1973 Tony (1 Act) John Tully George Webster
1971 The Patient Agatha Christie? Check Grange Rebels version Nora Starzynska
Beyond a Joke Derek Benfield Nora Starzynska
Love And Queenie Fish (1 Act) Enid Staff George Webster
1969 Running Riot Derek Benfield George Webster
Dear Octopus Dodie Smith Unknown
1968 Time out of Joint Unknown Author Unknown
Bright is the Waning Moon Cecile Gray Unknown
1966 Make em Blue Palace of Arts, Bellahouston Park, Glasgow Unknown
Breath of Spring Peter Coke Unknown
1965 The Bride Gertrude Jennings Unknown
Come Live With Me Cherry Vooght Unknown
1964 Charity Begins... Ireland Wood from a story by Richmal Crompton Isobel Keighley
1962 None so Blind Armitage Owen Isobel Keighley
1961 Quiet Weekend Esther McCracken Isobel Keighley
1960 Caught Napping Geoffrey Lumsden Isobel Keighley
When We Are Married J.B. Priestley Isobel Keighley
1959 The Hollow Agatha Christie Isobel Keighley
1958 Bed Board and Romance Harry Jackson Isobel Keighley
1957 Beauty Spot (1act) Ivor Brown George Atkinson
The Ghost Train Arnold Ridley George Atkinson
1955 When the Whirlwind Blows (1act) Essex Dane Norrie Bell
1954 Corinth House Pamela Hansford Johnson George Webster
1953 The Channel is Calm (1 act) Unknown Author George Webster
Miss Tarzan (1 act) Arnold English George Webster
Bright is the Waning Moon (1 act) Cecile Gray George Webster
1948 William's other Anne Ivor John Carnegie Brown Unknown
1947 Fumed Oak (1 act, at Coro) Noël Coward Bob Bowker

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