1988 Ring Round the Moon
Written by Directed by Performed on
Jean Anouilh Stuart Baber Thu 2nd, Fri 3rd & Sat 4th Jun 1988
Role Player
Joshua, a crumbling butler Jim Robson
Hugo, a young man about town Christopher Holliday
Frederic, his brother Christopher Holliday
Diana Messerschmann, Hugo's fiancee Sue Humphreys
Lady India, Messerschmann's mistress Pam Stead
Patrice Rombelles, M's secretary Ernest Northrop
Madam Desmortes, Hugo's aunt Nora Starzynska
Capulet, her faded companion Kath Bolton
Messerschmann, Diane's father a melancholy Derek Roberts
Romainville, a lepidopterist Norman Wileman
Isabelle, a ballet dancer Deirdre McHale
Her Mother, a teacher of the pianoforte Marian Chadwick
A General Stuart Baber
A Footman Robert Maddock
Job Team Member
Stage Manager Hilary Stubbs
Producer Nancey Atkinson, Eve Baynes
Set Design Fred Payne
Set Construction Fred Payne & Team
Lighting Brian Fishwick
Sound Jim Robson, Bryan Butterwick
Properties Rae Mills, Sybil Payne
Costumes Hilary Stubbs
Publicity Margaret McDonagh, Shirley Parker
Front-of-House Members of the Society

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