1997 Hiss the Villain, an evening of Music and Melodrama
Written by Directed by Performed on
Richard Dennis, Andrew Sachs & Andrew Sachs Kath Bolton 29th,30th & 31st May 1997
Role Player
Chairman Ernest Northrop
Recitation Bill Shaw
The Pirates' song Gordon Smart & Andrew Pomfret
"Maria Martin" or "Murder in the Red Barn" written by Richard Dennis
Stage Manager John Jeffers
Maria Martin Kathryn Kay
Squire William Corder Malcolm Higginson
Two popular songs Alan Boyes & Ann Warren
Recitation by Brian Denney
"The Drunkard's Dilemma" or "Her Honour for Ten Pence" written by Andrew Sachs
Uncle Brian Butterwick
Georgina Kathryn Irving
Landlord Andrew Pomfret
A Man Joe Bradshaw
Musical Interlude Ann Warren & Pauline Bleasdale
"The Wages of Sin" or "Perfidious Piece Work" written by Andrew Sachs
Lord Peregrine Fortune-Mint Mick Malkin
Jasper, the butler Martin Gregory
Lady Priscilla Fortune-Mint Jean Malkin
Mrs Brown Jean Malkin
Mr Brown Bill Shaw
The Sergeant's song Gordon Smart & Andrew Pomfret
The Finale led by Alan Boyes

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