2001 Bedroom Farce
Written by Directed by Performed on
Alan Ayckbourn Mike Hill 23rd, 24th & 25th Aug 2001
Role Player
Jan Sue Ashworth
Malcolm Ray Hodgson
Nick Jarrod Collings
Kate Bernie Young
Trevor Martin Gregory
Ernest, Trevor's Father Bill Shaw
Delia, Trevor's mother Margaret Dorn
Suzannah Benita Finch
Job Team Member
Stage Manager Kath Bolton
Set Design Hilary and Dave Stubbs
Set Construction Garry Whittaker, Maggie Spodafora, Margaret McDonagh
Set Construction Alyson and Kathryn Irving, Colin Burrow
Properties Helen Hill, Joan Oliver and Maggie Spodafora
Lighting Steven Robson
Sound Paul Wheeler
Costumes Hilary Stubbs
Prompt Marion Gill
Make-up Members of the Society
Front-of-House Ernest Northrop and Members of the Society
Publicity Jenny and Paul Wheeler, Sue Layfield

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