2006 An Ideal Husband
Written by Directed by Performed on
Oscar Wilde Kath Bolton & Philip Watts Charnley Jun 2006
Role Player
The Earl of Caversham K.G. Sandy Lofthouse
Lord Goring, his son Peter Silvester
Sir Robert Chiltern, U Sec. Forgn. Aff. Geoff Entwistle
Lady Chiltern Vivienne Curtis
Mrs Cheveley Mary Walker
Vicomte de Nantjac, French Attache Daniel Mason
Miss Mabel Chiltern, Robert's sister Dyane Silvester
Lady Markby Margaret McDonagh
The Countess of Basildon Caroline Charnley
Mrs Marchmont Marjorie Simon
Mr Montford Malcolm Heyes
Phipps, Lord Goring's servant Malcolm Heyes
Mason, butler to Sir Robert Philip McEvoy
James Kathryn Kay
Duchess of Maryborough Sally Haines
Mr Barford Ken Pitchers
Lady Jane Barford Anne Combes

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