2008 The Odd Couple
Written by Directed by Performed on
Neil Simon Mike Hill 10th, 11th and 12th Jan 2008
Role Player
Speed Geoff Entwistle
Murray Malcolm Heyes
Roy Alan Oliver
Vinnie Sandy Lofthouse
Oscar Madison Steve Pollard
Felix Ungar David Edwards
Gwendolyn Pigeon Benita Finch
Cecily Pigeon Dyane Silvester
Job Team Member
Producer Marjorie Simon
Stage Manager Peter Silvester
Set Design Dave & Hilary Stubbs
Set Construction Hilary, Daniel & Alyson Irving, Margaret McD, Marjorie
Set Dressing Hilary Stubbs
Costumes Hilary Stubbs
Lighting Bob Somerset, Jim & Steven Robson
Sound Andrew Pomfret
Properties Helen Hill & Marjorie Simon
Prompt Sue Ashworth
Publicity Dyane Silvester
Front-of-House Florence Robson, Margaret McDonagh, Kath Bolton & team
Programme Design Philip Watts Charnley
Printing Jim & Florence Robson
Ticket Sales Marjorie Simon

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