2014 'The Bear' and 'The Proposal'
Written by Directed by Performed on
Anton Chekhov Don Scott 10th, 11th and 12th July 2014
Role Player
For 'The Bear'
Luka John Clark
Helena Ivanovna Popov Stella Coxon
Grigori Stepanovitch Smirnov Steve Pollard
For 'The Proposal'
Stepan Stepanovitch Chubukhov Jim Robson
Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov Don Scott
Natalya Stepanovna Vivienne Curtis
Job Team Member
Set Design Hilary Stubbs
Properties Alyson Irving
Costumes Hilary Stubbs
Prompt Isabella Farrer
Publicity Margaret McDonagh, Jim Robson, John Clark & Stuart Atkinson
Programme Design Jim Robson
Front-of-House Florence Robson and Team
Lighting Bob Somerset
Music Kath Bolton

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