2017 Double Bill of Comedy - Green Forms
Written by Directed by Performed on
Alan Bennett Deborah Powell 26th, 27th and 28th Oct 2017
Role Player
Doreen Bidmead Kat Arbuckle
Doris Rutter Sue Almond
Lomax Steve Pollard
Boswell James Bertlin
Dorothy Binns Benita Finch
Job Team Member
Producer Jim Robson
Stage Manager Hilary Stubbs
Set Design Deborah Powell, Alyson Irving, Hilary Stubbs
Set Construction Members of the Company
Costumes Hilary Stubbs
Properties Alyson Irving
Sound & Lighting Bob Somerset, Jim Robson
Publicity Margaret McDonagh, Florence Robson, Jim Robson
Front-of-House Florence Robson & team
Box Office Jim Robson

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