2019 Hiss The Villain
Written by Directed by Performed on
Andrew Sachs and Richard Dennis Grace Heap and Steve Rowlinson Thu 31st Oct, Fri 1st & Sat 2nd Nov 2019
Role Player
"Maria Marten" or "Murder in the Red Barn" Written by Richard Dennis
Maria Marten Mary Rowlinson
Squire William Corder Don Scott
Chairman and M/C Sheelagh O'Brien
Director Steve Rowlinson
Singers Sue Harrison
- Ian Wilson
- Andy Dobel
Pianist Sylvia Trohear
"The Drunkard's Dilemma" or "Her Honour for Ten Pence" Written by Andrew Sachs
Uncle Jim Robson
Georgina Kathryn Bromley
The Landlord James Bertlin
A Man Steve Pollard
Director Steve Rowlinson
"The Wages of Sin" or "Perfidious Piece Work" Written by Andrew Sachs
Lord Peregrine Fortune-Mint Mick Malkin
Jasper Martin Gregory
Lady Priscilla Fortune-Mint Jean Malkin
Mrs Brown Jean Malkin
Mr Brown Steve Rowlinson
Director Grace Heap
Flute Eleanor Fonth
Monologue Jim Robson
Job Team Member
Costumes Hilary Stubbs
Display Florence Robson
Front-of-House Florence Robson and team
Photography Florence Robson
Poster Design Bob Somerset, Jim Robson
Producer The Committee
Programme Design Bob Somerset
Prompt Diana Donally
Properties Alyson Irving
Publicity Margaret McDonagh, John Clark
Sound Deborah Powell
Stage Manager Alyson Irving
Lighting Bob Somerset
Set Design & Construction The Company

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